Technical details

Energy standard

In 2022, a strict standard on the energy performance of buildings came into force, in which the emphasis is on renewable energy sources.

All our houses change energy class B, so it is possible to approve it for permanent living.

Building construction  - diffusely open

Our houses have a modern diffusely open construction.

The structure of the passage of water vapor towards the exterior, thanks to which the structure can regenerate in contrast to the diffusely closed structure.

By this system, you do not have to worry about moisture or mold. The big advantage is also the sound and insulation properties.

Blown insulation - Climatizer Plus

To offer users the highest standard, we decided to use "Climatizer Plus" blown insulation. We want our houses to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so we decided to use this natural material, which ensures perfect insulation of the structure of the entire house.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • Insulation of each cavity - without thermal bridges
  • Excellent insulating properties against overheating
  • Ecological and healthy insulation
  • High fire resistance  
  • Resistance to rodents and martens
  • Annual energy cost savings compared to conventional insulation up to 60%

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Larch facade cladding

Facade cladding 24x68 made of larch.

Larch is a very hard wood, so it is very resistant to weathering, unlike cheaper material such as spruce or pine.

The blue cladding gives the house perfect elegance. Larch cladding will accompany the house for many years.

Aluminum composite panels 

Aluminum composite panels Alu Bond with a thickness of 4 mm.

A very popular and modern element that integrates the entire building, thanks to which the building looks very modern.

The great advantage of these panels is the maintenance-free surface, which has a long service life.

Windows and entrance door

Aluminum windows

The Rojahouse uses high-quality aluminum windows from the German company HEROAL.

First-class material, technical excellence and design, that's what HEROAL is all about.

Unlike plastic windows, there will be no UV degradation and static deformation, aluminum windows are much more resistant to damage and their service life is double.

They have great sound insulation, thanks to which there will be peace in your house, which contributes to overall well-being.

The windows are fitted with insulating triple glazing with a thickness of 42 mm.

Window systems achieve excellent thermal insulation, in our case the heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.6-0.7.

Aluminum entrance door

First-class material, technical excellence and design, that's what HEROAL is all about.

Unlike plastic doors, there will be no UV degradation and static deformation, aluminum doors are much more resistant to and their service life is double.

The Clasisicline door system with elegant contours shows the best values of thermal insulation and statics.

The door is fitted with insulating triple glazing with a thickness of 42 mm.

Heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.6.

Heating and cooling

Underfloor heating

T2 RED self-regulating heating cables are installed in the bathroom and in the hallway, which ensure comfort for users. The floor temperature can be easily set using a thermostat.


High-quality cast iron fireplaces from the Norwegian company Jøtul (F162) ensure thermal comfort on frosty days.

Heat pump air/air

The air / air heat pump from LG with a split function ensures thermal comfort both in the cold season and in the summer months. The units are located in the bedroom and in the living room. Thanks to this, the room temperature can be set separately or together.

Ventilation - recuperation

The Flair 225 heat recovery unit from Brink is one of the best units on the market. The unit's efficiency of 92% ensures economical operation.

The recuperation unit is a device that extracts moisture and degraded air from the interior and at the same time supplies fresh air from the exterior. Through the heat exchanger in the unit, the supplied fresh and cold air is heated by the warm exhaust air, ie the heat loss is minimized.

You don't have to worry about the ventilation. The system works automatically. Ventilation is very important for all building for the reason that it don´t form mold and house humidity

Another great advantage is the constant supply of fresh air to the house, which you will be ensured 100% comfort and healthy living.

By the recuperation unit, you will reduce the costs of heating and operation of the whole house.

Photovoltaic water heating

We are aware that electricity is becoming more and more expensive, so we decided to use photovoltaic panels for water heating. We contacted Unites, which developed a tailor-made KERBEROS unit for us.

The principle is that there are three photovoltaic panels with an output of 1.3 kW on the roof, which heat the water directly in the boiler. This saves up to 75% on hot water heating costs.

The user does not have to worry about anything, simply set the water temperature in the boiler in the unit and everything is automatically controlled by the system without your intervention.

The system is equipped with an MPPT controller, which increases the efficiency of the system by up to 30% at low exposures compared to conventional systems that do not have an MPPT controller.

The boiler is from the Dražice company with a size of 100 l, which provides enough water for all members of the famil