Our story

Our project started with a simple idea - buy a new mobile home (mobilheim), which will meet full-fledged housing and at the same time will have an attractive design.

We started looking for such a house with Czech sellers, who often state on their websites that the house can be easily settled wherever the customer wants, does not need a building permit and it is possible to use and live in it all year round without any problems. Unfortunately, this information, as we found out at the building office immediately afterwards, is not true and many customers cannot even use their purchased house for holiday living, let alone for permanent living. Some are forced to remove the building, others manage to approve the building, for example warehouse, which is really not an ideal solution.

Mobile homes are seen in much the same way as any other building.

The houses must meet the minimum clear height, the minimum width of the corridor, the size of the doors, the size of the individual rooms, a suitable composition of the walls with insulation, suitable heating, recuperation and more.

As soon as we started asking individual sellers whether their products met these conditions, many of them stopped communicating with us, others told us that we should settle the building on the land without contacting the authorities and use it so-called "illegally". In many discussions, we found questions and negative experiences of customers who directly experienced the issue or sought a suitable solution.

We also found that finding a house with an interesting design is not easy. Houses are often not economically or practically well designed - heating is usually solved by electric heaters, in the summer they overheat, because manufacturers do not use suitable insulation materials and their thicknesses.

All this led us to the decision to start manufacturing and offering our own mobile homes that will meet our requirements and meet everything we need. We connected with architects, designers, carpenters, builders ... We spent several months designing, selecting suitable materials and technologies, and thanks to that we learned a lot and created the houses that we now offer you.

Houses that meet energy and construction requirements and can be approved for permanent or recreational living.

Houses that even younger couples can reach with a mortgage.

Houses that you can buy for weekend stays in the mountains or by the water.

Houses that you can rent in your camp or on your land.

Houses that in case of sale you can offer interested parties on the other side of our republic.

In short, houses that you will not be afraid to buy and in which you will be happy to spend time