The houses meet all technical requirements and standards for classic family houses, ie buildings designed for full permanent living.

These are mainly the following features:

  • Layout
  • Thermal insulation
  • Static-mechanical
  • Fire safety
  • Hygienic

We emphasize that the customer has as little work as possible with the administrative tasks that are necessary to settle the house on the land.

We are happy to answer all the information and actions that are needed.

Alternatively, we are able to provide you with an external company that will arrange everything for you.

The houses were designed with architects and designers, and everything was consulted with building authority.

*Applies to Czech republic

8 steps for living

1. step Want to Rojahouse

Visit us in our showroom and choose a house according to your ideas.

We will explain and show you everything.

2. step
Land inspection

Before buying a Rojahouse, we recommend checking the land at the building office to see if it is suitable after the house has been established. 

* If you wish, we are able to arrange this step.

3. step
Leagle proccess

We recommend that you handle the administrative proceedings at the building authority "construction notification".

* If you wish, we are able to arrange this step.

4. stepSigning contract

If you will be financing the house with a mortgage, we are able to recommend our financial advisor.

5. stepPreparing foundation

It is necessary to prepare the foundations for settling the house (eg concrete foundation).

* If you wish, we are able to arrange this step.

6. step
Building house on a plot

- Transport the house to a specific location using a loader

- Setting up the house on prepared foundations using a crane

- Completion of construction (connection to utilities...)

* If you wish, we are able to arrange this step.

7. stepCompletion of the construction

-  Connection of technologies on site.


heat pump 
solar Panels
recuperation unit 

* All steps are included in the price of the house

8. step

Everything is ready to move in and finally enjoy the feeling of owning a home

*Applies to Czech republic