Our Kitchen

Therefore, our goal was to design the kitchen so that we find a balance between space and practicality.

The kitchen is for life, so we emphasized the materials used and color combinations.

Black handles and accessories complete the entire kitchen design, which looks natural and elegant.

The kitchen is made to measure so that we can use every inch. The line is equipped with built-in appliances from Elektrolux.


The bathroom in Rojahouse is 5m2. We managed to find the optimal solution for this smaller space so that the bathroom was as practical as possible.

Tiles in the bathroom are solved using vinyl tiling, which is maintenance-free and waterproof.

In the bathroom you will find an ingeniously hidden technical space so as not to disturb the integrity of the bathroom. All technologies are located in the technical space and space for a washer and dryer was also taken into account.


In our houses, we chose a rail lighting system from Design Rendl.

This system is very practical, the user can always move the light anywhere

In the living room there are 2 rails and 3 rails on each rail, which are flexible. Each rail has a separate circuit, so they can be controlled separately.

There are fixed ceiling lights in the entrance hall, guaranteeing enough light.

Elegant gold accessories on the lights add an exceptional look.


A high-quality glued vinyl floor from the Adore floors company is used throughout the house.

Adore floors is one of the world's largest manufacturers of luxury vinyl components. It combines innovative technologies, top quality and creative design.

Adore floors has the highest possible LLED rating, which can be obtained in the category of flexible floor coverings.

Vinyl floors contain ceramic particles, which make the floors highly resistant to scratches and wear throughout the life of the floor. The floors are sterile and germ-free.

We chose vinyl flooring for reasons of practicality, durability and longevity.

In our showroom we have several color variants from which you can choose your floor.

All-wood white slats (RAL 9010) are used to complete the entire space.


In the living room, we decided to use a design sliding door that saves space. If necessary, they can be left in the case at all times, creating a more airy space.

Standard wing doors are used in the bathroom and bedroom, guaranteeing enough privacy and better sound insulation.