Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why our prefabricated mobile homes?

Our houses have an attractive design and quality workmanship. We did not save on the materials used or the technology. The houses were designed to be as economical and environmentally friendly as possible.

The advantage is the repeatable mobility by you can move the house to another location at any time. Thanks to compliance with all Czech legislative requirements, the houses are universal and you can use them for any purpose.

2) Do I need a building permit?

On the Internet you can find a lot of false information about the establishment of a mobile home without the need for a building permit, this information is not entirely true. Unfortunately, a visit to the building office cannot be avoided.

It always depends on the specific location where the building will be located. In most cases, the mobile home will be seen as a classic building that requires a "construction notification" (simplified and accelerated building permit process). In certain circumstances, a building can only be placed on the basis of a "territorial consent". However, first it is always necessary to discuss the intention with the local building authority.

We know this process looks complicated at first glance, so we work with a design office that directly deals with this issue. If you are interested, you can contact the design office, which will explain everything to you and handle the construction proceedings for you.

*Applies to Czech republic

3) Are our houses suitable for year-round use?

Yes, our houses meet all the necessary parameters for year-round use. All houses meet energy class B for the year 2022 and thanks to the technologies used, the houses are comfortable for year-round living.

*Applies to Czech republic 

4) Can our houses be approved for permanent living?

Yes, the houses keep all technical requirements and standards for classic family houses, therefor buildings intended for full-fledged permanent living and approval.

*Applies to Czech republic  

5) Can I have a registered permanent residence in the mobile home?

Yes, provided that the house is approved and has a descriptive number assigned to it (you will receive a descriptive number when you approve the house).

*Applies to Czech republic   

6) What VAT rate will be used when buying a house?

  • Reduced VAT rate 15%
    if the product is used for housing, a reduced VAT rate can be applied.
  • Standard VAT rate 21%
    It will be applied in other cases

*Applies to Czech republic    

7) Is it possible to use a mortgage loan to finance a house?

Yes, you can take a standard mortgage loan for our houses as for classic family houses.

If he wants, we are able to recommend our financial advisor, who will advise you and help you take care of what you need. The house was also evaluated by a bank property appraiser

*Applies to Czech republic     

8) How and who make utility connections?

The buyer is obliged to prepare the connection to the engineering network at his own expense. We supply our houses completely ready for connection to standard utility connections. We are able to provide a physical connection, including the necessary revisions.

*Applies to Czech republic      

9) How long does it take to build a house?

Standard 2 months.

10) Is a deposit paid when buying a house?

No, after the approval of the building authority, a contract is signed with the client. After paying 100% of the amount, the production of the house is started. As a result, we are able to comply with the contract price set in the contract.

*Applies to Czech republic       

11) Where are houses make?

Our houses are directly manufactured in the Czech Republic.

12) Can I see a model house somewhere?

Yes, in our showroom near Kolín (Czech republic) we have made a full-fledged model house with all the technologies and equipment.

We recommend that you book the tour in advance by phone or email.