Czech prefabricated mobile houses

We are a Czech seller and manufacturer of prefabricated mobile homes. All houses are assembled and manufactured in the Czech Republic, from where the houses travel to the customer.

We pay attention to used the materials, technologies and design. which our houses guarantee comfortable, economical and ecological living.

All houses can be approved for permanent living. In case of interest, we can also offer complete services from the preparation of foundations, building permits to the establishment and connection of the house to utilities.

The great advantage of our houses is mobility, which the user can move the house repeatedly

WE RECOMMEND TO VIEW THE HOUSES DIRECTLY AT OUR SHOW ROOM AT KOLÍN - so that you can see for yourself the quality and design of our houses.

Basic information

Why our houses

The advantage of our houses is versatility. Our houses can be used for permanent living, as they comply with strict Czech legislation. Of course, they can also serve as a recreational object. It all depends on you for what purpose you want to use the house.

Healthy living with modern technologies, thanks to which operating costs are minimal.

One of the main advantages of our homes is repeatable mobility. We will simply bring the house to you as a whole and you can relocate it at any time if necessary. For example, there will come a time when you will want to sell the house or move to another location, which is not the case with a classic house.

Rojahouse can of course be partially modified according to your requirements and after consultation it is possible to build a house according to the agreement (color of windows, floors, equipment ...)

Technology and materials used

At Rojahouse, we used top the materials and technologies that will give you comfortable living and a low-cost house.

You will no have to pay large amounts for traffic.

Used technologies and materials:

  • Wooden building - diffusely open
  • Larch facade + aluminum panels
  • Aluminum windows and entrance doors
  • Blown insulation from natural material
  • Photovoltaic system for water heating
  • Central recuperation unit
  • Heat pump Air / Air
  • Underfloor heating
  • Norwegian design fireplace stove


Our houses have been designed since the beginning of the project to meet the technical and legislative requirements in the Czech Republic.

They are designed for both permanent housing and recreation.

All houses meet energy class B, so they can be approved without any problems.


The houses were designed in collaboration with an architect, who managed to create a modern, mobile structure that can be placed on concrete footings, ground screws or a base plate.

The exteriors of the houses were designed to fit into any environment, whether alone in a forest or in a built-up area.

The interiors are mostly natural materials, which create a pleasant atmosphere of home or holiday cottage.

The Rojahouse has an already equipped kitchen and bathroom.

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